Young people from Skipton Library’s comic collective, Team Ketchup, have been involved in a project to create cartoon illustrations depicting life inside the camp.

Their illustrations were inspired by sketches found inside the book, Kriegsgenfangen in Skipton, written by the prisoners and based on their accounts of life inside the camp, which include stories of their arrival to Skipton and the numerous escape attempts that were made out of the camp.

The project started with a visit to the University of Leeds where the group had chance to look through WW1 cartoon drawings from the University’s archives. They also had the chance to work with professional illustrator, Tim Godden, who specializes in cartoon drawings from the trenches, to develop their drawing technique and help them capture the style of cartoon drawings from that period.

photo of professional illustrator working with young person

Team Ketchup working with professional Illustrator, Tim Godden, at the University of Leeds workshop© Rob Freeman


The final drawings will be reproduced in a comic magazine entitled ‘The Raikeswood Chronicles’ coming out in September 2018, as well as forming part of a new exhibition about Craven during the First World War at Skipton Town Hall in November 2018.